Modular Design

Modular Design It is a closed modular design of core parts; ESCs and video transmitter are installed detachably which leads to easy to repair and maintain .


Enclosed Modular Design

The highlight of Rodeo 150 is not only its slim fuselage but also the enclosed modular design, which ensures circuit stability of main frame and other modules. The internal electronic parts are thoroughly redesigned with better configuration, in order to protect each sophisticated components and to prevent signal interference and crash impact.

Quick charge, Long life battery

small volume and strong power does not mean short endurance life. Different with other normal drones with only 2-3minutes flying time, Rodeo combined with high efficiency power system and high-performance 850mah Li-po battery, the flying time can be 6 minutes, it is double compare with other same size quadrotor in the market. Battery charge time need about 30 minutes, that means you can fly uninterrupted only by few pieces batteries.

Walkera Rodeo 150 -3Walkera Rodeo 150 -2
The Most Mainstream Flight Controller

With the most mainstream racing drone flight controller F3, players can adjust flight control parameters as needed.

Professional HD 5.8G Image Transmission

Professional wireless HD 5.8G image transmission(40 channels race bind), which provides the best performance for Rodeo 150, Image transmission with zero delay and high-definition completely meet the demand of racing drones.